Handmade apron

Personalized Handmade Apron, Locally Made in the East Bay

Aprons are in!

Why not wear a creative handmade apron that says something about you while helping others at the same time? Our cooking apron is locally made by talented Bay Area women. They’ll take your washed t-shirt, the one you can’t part with, and create a one-of-a-kind (half apron) handmade sewn kitchen apron. Aprons custom for you includes handy pockets along the bottom edge and ties in the back.

When we created the pricing for our aprons, we included a living wage. How cool is that! (There probably aren’t too many things in your closet and house you can say that about.) We want to support our ladies and the community. While the items are locally made in the East Bay, we help the local economy by spending locally.

Whether your t-shirt broadcasts your alma mater, has a witty saying that perfectly describes you or strongly evokes a memory, we’ll transform it into an upcycled, hip, unique, and useful retro apron. Your apron will be one of a kind to you; no one else will have the same one. Cool if you ask us!

If you aren’t an apron kind of person, check out my other offerings for upcycling your t-shirt. We’ll work with you to create Kindle covers, MacBook cases, Moleskine covers and fun throw pillows.



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