Handmade Apple Laptop Case

Handmade Apple Laptop Case, the Perfect Macbook Air Case

Do you have an old tee lying around? You know, it’s your favorite shirt that you just can’t stand to give it away? We’ll give it new life and create a handmade Apple laptop case or hand-sewn laptop sleeve from it.

We’ll take that favorite shirt and create a lovely handmade MacBook cover. Your homemade Macbook case will be a one of a kind. Unique to you! You will now be the owner of the best MacBook sleeve in existence, and it’s locally made in the San Francisco East Bay area.


And what’s even cooler?

We work with Bay Area women to create each of these items. When we created the pricing for this laptop case, we included a living wage along. And this item is homegrown, not sourced from overseas, and all proceeds go back into the Bay Area economy.

These are the best laptop sleeves ever!

Want one? Order yours today!

If you aren’t a laptop kind of person, check out my other offerings for upcycling your t-shirt. We’ll work with you to create Kindle covers, Moleskine cases, aprons and fun throw pillows.



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