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Miniature Polymer Clay Food Jewelry, Charms & Keychains

Creating adorable polymer clay miniatures is more than my hobby; it is my passion.

When my daughter was younger she had a beautiful, big dollhouse and we’d spend hours decorating it, playing with the dolls, and just having some mother-daughter girly time.

Both she and I loved to change the décor and dolls, but buying so many all the time was just too pricey for us, plus much of what we found in the stores lacked the originality and magic we were after, so I began to make things for the dollhouse myself.

I started off with plasticine and then moved on to working with polymer clay, which I found produced better quality and more durable figurines. Soon I began to make presents for all her friends, who were always so excited to play with our dollhouse, and the idea took off.

I decided to start a small business so that I could share my craft with a bigger audience and bring smiles to much more faces. My business also has another goal: all the earnings from this venture go straight into my daughter’s college fund – when she grows up I want her to be able to study at the school of her choice.

I’m so grateful that I can do something that brings me so much joy day in and day out, and I want to pass that joy onto you! All my miniatures are made to order, and I am always happy to customize them further so that you can receive items that you love and keep for years. Thank you for paying me a visit, and I hope you find the perfect addition to your miniature collection!


One thought on “Miniature Polymer Clay Food Jewelry, Charms & Keychains

  1. Hmmm…that’s a good idea…to make dollhouse items. My kids and I do charms that they can use as toys. 🙂 but small ones. For selling. I think dollhouse items would be great. 🙂


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