Vinyl record bookends

Recycled Vinyl Record Bookends

Recycled vinyl record bookends made from authentic vinyl records touch up any room and start more conversations than you can imagine. Two warm and charming design styles to choose from, Vinyl Record Bookends are perfect for office desks, kids rooms, entry ways, dressers, end tables, small shelves, just about anywhere you would like to keep books!

Vinyl Bookends make a great addition to a modern kitchen for those frequently used cookbooks. A unique and memorable gift, these stylish bookends are guaranteed to bring a smile, and more than a question or two.

♬ Each pair (one order = one pair) are hand made from recycled vinyl, the images shown are representative samples & your final product may vary slightly (i.e. record label, etc.).

♬ Both versions are Roughly 8″ tall. Mantle style bookends are shown in the third photo (the folded design for a smaller shelf). If you have questions on which one you want or want to see more photos, just start a conversation with me using the Etsy tool, it’s that easy!

Want to see more images, just start a conversation with me, I’d love to share some with you.


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