Natural Beard Care Kit

Natural Beard Care Kit

This is a great kit for the bearded beer lover in your life. You get a bottle of hops-scented beard oil and a bar of soap made with local craft beer.

This Beer Soap is something special. Choosing beer from a local brewery this soap is made from a radically different base to create a soap that is vegan, palm-free, and has a phenomenal lather.

The magic in this bar actually comes from the unique blend of oils, with plenty of shea and cocoa butter to give the bar a creamy, stable lather. The added eucalyptus oil blends well with the beer’s aromatic contributions – the final product doesn’t smell like beer but instead has a nice warm, spicy aroma with a camphorous top note. Added red & yellow French clays help to give the bar some extra cleaning power and improve the texture of the lather.

This Beard Oil is scented with a different blend of essential oils, featuring hops essential oil front and center. Most varieties of hops have a distinctive smell, while many exhibit additional notes of citrus, pine, and spices. This oil is blended with a hint of grapefruit and black pepper to add complexity and depth to the aroma.


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