16 oz Applewood Smoke Roasted Coffee on Etsy

What is smoke roasted?

Answer: It’s a technique I use to slowly hand roast raw coffee beans using wood. It is a process that takes anywhere from 3-4 hours per batch. I smoke roast the beans small batches at a time, at about 3-4 pounds, to maximize the aroma and the fire roasted taste. Once I have finished a few batches, I blend all the batches together for consistency in the final product. After each smoke roasted session, I brew myself a sample to ensure it passes my expectations.

What is produced?

Answer: A unique smooth, wood smoked taste that is completely different from your usual coffee.

About this coffee

– Coffee bean used: Columbian Supremo
– Slow smoke roasted for 3- 4 hours using applewood for smoke flavoring and heat.
– The process creates a blend of light, medium, and dark roast to create the delicious final product.
– This coffee is a light to medium body with a smooth texture and a slightly smoky finish.

I recommend 2 tablespoons per 8oz cup. Want lighter or darker just use less or more grinds!

Choose between the whole bean finely ground for drip or coarse ground for French press. Want ground coffee, I will personally grind the beans the day I ship your order. Orders are packaged to order.



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