Vintage Wooden Chest

Vintage Wooden Chest on Etsy


This is an unusual and rare find, a gorgeous wooden chest estimated to be between 80 – 100 years old. The metal work is all handmade, the front clasp keeps the chest tightly closed, and you can lock it with a padlock. It is handmade from solid wood and made between the 1910’s – 1930’s.

It is super shabby, it shows clear marks of use, chipped paint patina and many years of history. I did not fix anything as I find it charming as it is. You could sand and repaint it very easily in the color of your liking or varnish it to keep the beautiful deep color of the wood and green paint or keep it in this beautiful, aged state.

This chest would look great as a coffee table or a footlocker, it is pretty big so a lot of stuff can be put inside while the top surface is used as a table or display shelf.

This piece is from Turkey and has frequently been used, the wood is in good shape, the only defect is the chipped paint and some damage to the wood. It has no mold or smell.



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