Hidden Flask Diversion Safe

We are saving hardback books that didn’t sell the second time around from the SHREDDER!

Secret hidden flask book for

  • help liven up boring event
  • hide your alcoholism
  • in case of emergency


  • Hollowed out from a real recycled Law Reference Hardback book – a great place to hide your flask.
  • Pages are loose and not glued (unlike most competitors) so as to not give away the secret!
  • Makes an excellent gift and surprise coffee table book.
  • These are old law reference books, Books are numbered and randomized. Flask is included.
  • Custom engraving is $15 extra; please contact us directly prior to your purchase for this custom type of order.
  • Hand crafted in Seattle, Washington.

This is an actual re-purposed hand-crafted law book; was hollowed out and converted to case a 6oz Stainless Steel flask (included). The outside and inside dimensions of the book are variable, due to the different recycled books we collect and save from being shredded and thrown away. Approximate dimensions are 10.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.5″. Please contact us directly if exact dimensions are needed.

It is Greenfire’s philosophy to create eco-friendly products that serve more than just one purpose; this product is an example of that. Thank you in advance for supporting an all natural and sustainable business.



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